Onion spray programme                                       Uie spuitprogram
  Rate / Dosis Witholding/ Onthouding  Pre Plant / Voor plant Plant Germination / Ontkieming Leaf development / Blaar ontwikkeling Transplant/Uitplant Leaf growth/  Na uitplant Bulb development/ Bol Bulb growth/Bol vergroting Sencence/ Blaarval Fall/ Omval
Nematodes / Aalwurm Nemacur 7.5l/ha 80                    
Mite Metasystox 30ml 21                    
Thrips / Blaaspootjie Agtap 400g/100l 14                    
Thioflo 100ml/100l 10                    
  Oncol 1l/ha                      
  Selecron 1l/ha 14                    
Cutworm / Snywurm Bulldock  of Karate 100ml/ha                              
Alternaria Rovral Flo 2l/ha 3                    
Purple blotch / Alternaria  Folicur      150ml/ha _                    
Downy mildew/ Donsskimmel Dithane 200g/100l _                    
White bulb rot and pink root Xanbac 2-3l/ha                      
Grasses / Grasse Fusilade Forte 0.67-2l/ha                      
Grasses and Broad leaves Ronstar 4-5l/ha                      
Grasses and Broad leaves Goal 1-1.5l/ha                      
NOTE: Consult the label for detailed instructions                      NOTA: Raadpleeg die etiket vir verdere besonderhede
Insecticides / Insekdoders
Fungicides / Swamdoders
Herbicides / Onkruiddoders